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Škoda 4x4


If Škoda wishes to present its entire portfolio of four-wheel drive models, including the fully electric Enyaq iV family, in an extraordinary driving event, Sweden's beautiful scenic backdrop is the perfect place. The land of almost 100,000 lakes is a highly developed industrial country and a leader in sustainable energy production.


Driving on frozen Stortjärnen lake during -20°C weather and drifting over the ice cover: incredibly unique experiences made possible by this event for 300 international journalists. Almost incidentally, two world records were set for the longest uninterrupted drift on ice (in an electric vehicle). Plenty of adrenaline was also generated by the participation of Škoda Motorsport and the rides in the Fabia RS Rally2 as passengers of renowned top-class drivers Andreas Mikkelsen and Emil Lindholm.


The Škoda 4x4 driving event once again demonstrated the importance of integrating a region's special geographic features into an event. Participants enjoyed breathtaking, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, with the northern lights in the night sky perfectly wrapping up the program.

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