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Škoda Kodiaq


Modern technology and connectivity options make the new Škoda Kodiaq an ideal companion for rediscovering the world. A motto that was transferred to this vehicle's world premiere. Discovering new places – and that in the middle of Berlin. In a subway tunnel at Potsdamer Platz (Potsdam Square), the underground was made accessible for this world premiere, a logistical master feat.


Moving six top-secret vehicles into the subway over stairs while remaining as inconspicuous as possible: This requires perfect logistical planning, specialists and skilled personnel as well as, of course, a mobile crane. Some 450 people worked for days to transform the concrete location of the gigantic subway tunnel into an "explorer's space". A completely new interpretive experience with exciting spaces was created underground. It was an extremely challenging location, but it enabled a state-of-the-art world premiere.


This project once again demonstrated that teamwork makes the dream work. In addition to the concept, the event's success was made possible by excellent project planning, meticulous timing of all the disciplines involved and the use of good partnerships and specialists.

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