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Audi MQ!


Finding a common denominator for the mobility of the future: an ambitious objective that was achieved with the international and interactive MQ! Summit conference. Under the motto "Never Stop Questioning," a global expert community was initiated that was supported by people to whom "forward thinking" applies in every respect.


A total of 400 participants were selected from among the numerous applicants. A mobility quotient was defined in a plenary session with a 360° arena and in 12 co-creation workspaces. Four dimensions were explored: social, spatial, temporal and sustainable mobility. The keynote speeches of recognized forward thinkers served as an incentive, the event's innovative energy stemmed from the direct exchange and collaboration in workshops on the individual topics.


Audi took the attention off of itself as a brand and focused on the issues and the participants. The value of the event and the line-up of speakers rendered the purpose of the Audi premium brand subtle and credibly tangible in order to generate added value for the topic of mobility as such.

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