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Audi P23


The concept was characterized by an overarching aspiration to dare to try out something new and push the limits of possibility. An adventure trail was constructed that led participants to seven interactive program items at four locations in one day, where they were confronted with their limits and the pioneering corporate strategy.


There were numerous logistical challenges on site. For example, the 640 participants needed to be driven to four locations throughout Munich on a tight schedule. The experiences included a keynote session with three top speakers from the realms of AI, economics and sports, as well as a visit to an interactive exhibit on the topic of "experiencing limits" and a funpark with bodyflying and body surfing. The automobile was also turned into an experience object and could be pushed to its limits, although not only when driving.


Together with the client, we broke new ground from the very beginning with multiple creative workshops, dared to truly push limits in terms of logistics and content and therefore enjoyed a 100% success rate. The participants' response was overwhelming.

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