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AUDI RS 6 und RS 7 San Francisco


The event integrated the sporty luxurious Audi RS 6 and RS 7 performance models into an exclusive environment with magnificent test routes and photo motifs. Luxury, performance and design were all combined to create a unique experience. The reports and images speak for themselves.


To the north of San Francisco, in the Napa River Valley, lies the Alila Napa Valley luxury resort. The exclusive location was the perfect place to present the performance models from the Neckarsulm manufacturing site. The Golden Gate Bridge crossing and the scenic Napa Valley landscape already offered a preview of the event during the shuttle ride from the airport. After the press conference, the participants were able to sit behind the wheel themselves to test the various performance models in a unique landscape along the Pacific Highway and the picturesque Napa Valley.


It was an impressive event with spectacular photo motifs and incomparable moments. The photoshoot at the Golden Gate Bridge in particular wowed the influencers and elicited a very high response rate in social media.

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