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Hays AG

Hays Elite Montenegro


Every year, 50 employees are honored for their sales success, the reward being a four-day trip to a special destination. This year, the up-and-coming destination of Montenegro was picked, a still relatively unknown destination.


Montenegro embodies everything that makes a successful incentive trip: sun and beaches, mountains, adventure, party and cuisine. The exclusive program started with a joint dinner on the beach with a subsequent open bar in the hotel. The following days were eventful: from a catamaran tour followed by sunbathing at the Nikki Beach Club, a wine tasting with a panoramic view, lots of culinary highlights and plenty of sun and beach feeling. The boat ride in an old military submarine tunnel - accompanied by live saxophone music - is sure to be a lasting memory of this extraordinary site for all those present.


The attendees were very content and could celebrate in a manner befitting their success. Even the weather and a sudden strong storm was unable to dampen the mood, as a short-notice program change saved the Montenegro experience.

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