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Incentive Südafrika


As an event agency, we don't only plan diverse incentives trips for our clients. After two challenging years during Covid, Pure offered its employees an exceptional adventure trip to reward them for their hard work and dedication. The entire agency went to Cape Town, an inspiring adventure trip to solidify the team's bond even more in a stunning landscape.


There are many ways to discover South Africa's gorgeous nature. Whether it was flying to the Cape of Good Hope by helicopter, riding along the picturesque coastline on a motorcycle or driving an old-timer through the vineyards – every activity was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and ensured thoroughly beaming faces and an exuberant atmosphere. The daily program included one sightseeing highlight after another. And, of course, the panoramic view from the majestic Table Mountain could not be missed. We were also treated to many culinary delights, and wrapped up our days with evenings on the beach or enjoying the colorful Cape Town nightlife.


The successful incentive trip to Cape Town exceeded all expectations. This was due not only to the breathtaking natural backdrop and the cultural diversity, but also in particular thanks to the program on offer and the quality time that we spent together as a team. "This incentive trip will not only live on in our memories - but also in the way we work together and celebrate our success."

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