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Porsche 992 LA


"We all have a desire to create something that will show we were here, to create something timeless." Ferry Porsche

Creating something timeless was the inspiration for the world premiere befitting a sports car legend. The eighth generation of Porsche 911 vehicles is still setting new standards for design, innovation and performance today – a timeless machine. This term coined by Ferry Porsche himself was the theme of the Porsche 911 world premiere in Los Angeles.


The time tunnel, a 250-meter long open-air stage bordered by light gates, was designed as the setting for staging time(lessness). In the middle, a covered stand shaped like a cube divided the driving route into two outdoor areas so as to offer the 400 journalists a journey through time in the form of a presentation on driving dynamics. The vehicle generations successively drove by the spectators inside the cube, traveling from the past into the future. Just like with a fashion show, the audience sat on both sides of the stage and in very close proximity to the sports cars. The journey through time was accompanied by a light and media production and the content sentimentalized the vehicle generations passing by, built excitement and made it very clear that the current Porsche 911 (992) is continuing the legend.


The international livestream of the event impressed not only the trade press but also all of the brand's fans. More than 2.4 million online viewers followed the world premiere either live or afterwards. The journey through time of the Porsche 911 series generated not only news about the premiere but also many stories about the model and the Porsche brand.

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