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Volkswagen Group

Volkswagen Group Media Night


As part of the Auto China trade fair Beijing 2024, Pure Perfection implemented four different events for the Volkswagen Group in one week.


The highlight of the event week was the Volkswagen Group Media Night at the Phoenix Center in Beijing. In an entertaining show, 700 invited international press representatives were presented with 7 world premieres from the brand world of the Volkswagen Group. In this context, Pure Perfection and its service partners were responsible for the logistical, organizational and technical planning as well as the architectural design of the event format. Inspired by the turntables on the tables in many Chinese restaurants, a semi-circular stage with a diameter of 26 meters and a 40-meter LED video horizon was designed, in the center of which were two further turntables with two LED walls.


In combination with the media content, a three-dimensional atmospheric translation in space, impressive graphics and architecture, as well as a concept that relies heavily on kinetics and dynamics and an impressive production were achieved.


  • Volkswagen Group Media Night
  • Volkswagen AG Capital Market Day 2024 for China
  • Press trip for international journalists
  • Media workshop for Chinese media representatives and correspondents
  • 15-person team from Pure Perfection
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