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Volvo Mykonos


How do you reward the winners of an internal competition who have qualified as the most successful employees in four categories? With an impressive incentive, of course, in order to celebrate mutual success and generate motivation.


This year's trip took the group to Mykonos, a beautiful Greek island with white-sand beaches and a glamorous night life. The starting point for exploring the island was a small hotel on Ornos Beach, with the excursions being many a highlight of the program: sailing in a yacht along the distinctive coast, sunbathing on Super Paradise Beach and watching the sun set in Little Venice, accompanied by culinary treats and specialties. Jointly celebrating success was certainly also taken literally at the renowned Scorpios Beach Club.


The participants enjoyed an unforgettable, exclusive trip with many highlights and unique experiences in one of Europe's most popular destinations. Offering the winners the best possible experience in a short period of time was a challenge that was accepted and successfully met.

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